We Should Be Scared of White People

Since 9/11 the media has been out of control with targeting Muslim terrorists. We as the consumers of this media are set out to believe that all of these attacks are coming from Muslim people, but in reality most terrorist attacks that have happened since 2001 were the result of white supremacists and anti-government radical groups. 

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that shows that the people who have committed terrorists attacks are not Muslims. So why does the media cover ISIS for weeks but barely covered the Planned Parenthood attack in Colorado or any sort of homegrown act of terrorism. Now don’t blame yourself for thinking that your assumptions of these people seem discriminatory, blame the media for your bias and wrong opinion.

Muslim attacks only counted for 2% of all terrorist attacks last year. The media extensively covers the San Bernardino terrorist attack and the beheading from ISIS yet the attacks at Sandy Hook or the shooting in Aurora were not considered an act of terrorism.

Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil by Group, From 1980 to 2005, According to FBI Database

By looking at this chart you can obviously see that Islamic people are not the bulk of terrorism in the United States yet the media mainly focuses on the specific group. But why not the left wing groups that take up a whopping 24 percent of all acts of terrorism?

“In fact in 2013, it was actually more likely Americans would be killed by a toddler than a terrorist.”

Some of the beliefs of Muslims is to extend kindness and help to other family members, relations, servants and neighbors. They do not dwell on class, color, origin or wealth. You can see by this that for the most part,  Muslim people are an excepting and caring religious group of people. Unity of humanity is in their religions origin and its one of their ultimate goals.

Why is the media doing this? I believe the media has power and with power comes influence. These people in power use their privilege to influence others according to their own person bias and opinions.

So lets take a stand to end this stereotyping and racial profiling. Whether that be to not watch certain news channels, comment on videos that portray negative stereotypes or join an organization to end the media bias.



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